Used machines at Gozio become new

Over the years we have had multiple requests from various customers to transform old transfer machines into new machines, modernizing them, adding functionality or even converting them to suit different applications.

We are convinced that a transfer car should not retire after 20 or 30 years of service; we dismantle it down to the last screw, and, with the watchful and serious eye of those who build the new one, we are able to completely overhaul the machine and give it new life.

See for yourself! Here we have a transfer machine that is over twenty years old, which has worked steel components all its life.

We disassembled, washed, painted, modified, overhauled and changed all the electrical / electronic parts, revised all the hydraulic and pneumatic systems

The machine now is ready to machine lead-free brass press fittings, up to 2 ”.

Result? from a scrapped machine we have moved on to a machine that will work for the next 30 years!

Why have an old machine overhauled by Transfer Gozio:

  •  Because a used machine, to be overhauled, is for us a new order, not a second-best

  • Because through the overhauling of a machine, you will have the same characteristics of a brand new one and you will save between 30% to 50% on the purchase price

  • Because the machines overhauled at Transfer Gozio have the same 2-year warranty (extendable up to 5) as new machines


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