Gozio transfer machines are built around the concept of progressive machining: the basic idea is to divide the various operations necessary to complete the piece into small operations that can be performed simultaneously rather than sequentially.


The TRANSFER GO (table with horizontal rotation axis), TRANSFER GV (table with vertical rotation axis) and TRANSFER GS (table with vertical rotation axis and hanging table ) machines offer maximum flexibility, efficiency, productivity, autonomy and precision in the complete machining of parts in a single placement.


From forgings, castings or stock, even if originally created for medium-high production, thanks to modern technologies, Gozio transfer machines are also ideal for processing medium batches; it is possible to work different pieces of a family of products with a single machine by only changing the settings.


Gozio transfer machines are exclusively CNC: the working units can generate movements of the X, Y and Z axes through the use of ball screws and they can be controlled independently with spindle rotations up to 18,000 rpm; working unit with spindle rotation of 40,000 rpm are available on request.

machines can be equipped with different OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES to provide maximum versatility, especially in complex applications and facilitate the adaptation of the machine for future productions.

Rotating chucks, tilting and movable units, machining centers, broaching machines, dimensional control units, are all peculiarities that are decided together with the final customer.

Why choose a Gozio Transfer machine

  • We use the best components available on the global market.
  • We can offer you a "turnkey" solution taking care for you all the aspects such as tools and tool holders, fixtures, automatic loading and unloading system, washing and cleaning, inspecting and storage the finished parts.
  • We can provide 5 years warranty upon installation date.
  • We guarantee technical assistance by phone, remote and virtual reality glasses.
  • We guarantee on-site technical assistance in a very short time.
  • We have the best value for money.
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