• 1959

    Transfer Gozio Federico was founded in 1959 by Mr. Federico Gozio. Mechanical designer, he immediately realized the great potential of transfer machines. The great willpower, the sense of duty and the innate passion for precision mechanics will lead him to assume a role of primary importance among the manufacturers of transfer machines

  • 1961

    The company delivers the first rotary table machine for processing large quantities of door handles. The continuous tendency to improve the machines in their technical and construction characteristics, the commitment to the search for the most suitable technical solutions and a long experience characterize each machine produced.

  • 1998

    Transfer Gozio anticipates market needs in terms of flexibility by designing and patenting the BILLO M1 machining center. Unique of its kind, this machine is still recognized today as the most flexible and performing machining center on the market.

  • 2000

    The natural development of the product is the FUTURA line of multi-machining center machines. A perfect combination of transfer machine technology and machining centers. Dedicated to those companies that want to get the best in terms of flexibility and productivity.

  • 2006

    Founder’s son Giovanni, a mechanical engineer, becomes the Company's CEO.The generational handover of all company departments and the desire to internationalize the company, has led Transfer Gozio to expand all over the world, from Turkey to China, from Argentina to North America.

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