The BILLO 5-axis machining center was introduced in 1998; is the ideal machine for processing samples and small batches of a few hundred pieces and for where complex machining is required, even on the 6 sides of the part.

Why choose a BILLO machining center

  • It is the only 5-axis machining center on the market with this unique and patented chucking system.
  • It is the perfect machine if your production starts from forgings, castings or die-castings.
  • It is suitable for the machining of different materials such as brass, aluminum, steel, cast iron.
  • The greater the complexity of the workpiece, the more the BILLO is the ideal machine for your needs.
  • We have twenty years of experience to be able to recommend the best options available, according to your needs.

Technical details

Hydraulic self centering chuck

The machine is equipped with a patented hydraulic self-centering chuck, with universal orientation, which allows the processing with a single placement of a complicated piece, with different faces and angles, avoiding the downtime of multiple set up and increasing the precision of the finished product.

Double axis orientation:

  • A-axis 360,000 positions with hydraulic brake
  • B-axis 360,000 positions with hydraulic brake
  • Envelope: 200 300 300 mm


Working Unit

The working unit allows drilling, milling, tapping, setting the work data through the numerical control


  • X-axis 630 mm
  • Y-axis 530 mm
  • Z-axis 460 mm
Max. spindle rotation 12,000 rpm
Power (100% S1) 15 kW 

Tool Changer

The machine is equipped with a tool magazine random type for ISO40 DIN 69871 taper


Standard capacity 32 tools
Medium capacity 54 tools
Large capacity 122 tools


CN and Electronic

Motors, boards, drives and CN FANUC, the ISO standard programming is extremely simple. 


Machine set up time

15 minutes

Test us, where standard machining centers cannot machine the part in a songle placement, we succeed!

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